Germans join dispute on large poultry houses

24-01-2012 | |
Germans join dispute on large poultry houses

Just like in the Netherlands, Germany has also started questioning the use and construction of large pig and poultry farm houses.

Agricultural ministers from the states Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine Westphalia were quoted saying this week that larger livestock houses should be banned throughout Germany. The ministers spoke at the opening of the German agricultural show International Green Week Berlin.
Only in North Rhine Westphalia, there are over 100 large livestock complexes, said minister Johannes Remmel (Green Party). He would like to introduce a limit of 40,000 poultry and 3,000 pigs. He also would like to see that larger farms produce their own corn and other feedstuffs. Manure ought to be used on local lands.
German agricultural organisations have responded to resist heavily against plans of this nature.
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