Hotraco’s newest poultry computer is a jack-of-all-trades

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Hotraco’s newest poultry computer is a jack-of-all-trades

Dutch automation company Hotraco is presenting an expansion to its poultry barn computer range at VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

The computer, called Mira-P, can control a wide range of processes, like ventilation, heating, cooling, feed registration water, and animal weighing. Both inputs and outputs of the computer can be freely allocated, making the computer well suited for use in simple poultry houses.


The computer determines ventilation levels by measuring inside-outside temperature measured, and of the humidity in the barn, if appropriate. The computer is equipped with a day counter and curve settings.

Air inlet

The computer has multiple controls for controlling the air inlet, on the basis of the room temperature, on the basis of underpressure or synchronous with the ventilation setting. The computer can distinguish between left and right control and a tunnel inlet is also one of the options.

Heating/ cooling

There are four controls in the computer for heating and a second temperature control can be controlled by means of a dedicated sensor (floor heating, for example). A cooling system can be switched on and off.


The lighting can be switched with a maximum of 24 on/off moments. A dimming function has also been included in the switching the lighting on or off. The computer has two timers.

The Mira-P is an expansion of the existing range of poultry computers, called Iris, Sirius and Orion.


The company is also presenting its SmartWinch, a smart 24V winch motor, launched in 2012. In combination with its own power supply and emergency positioning, this product is called ‘a total solution for controlling air inlet valves in poultry and pig houses’.

The Hotraco can be found in Hall H101, booth S041.

Ter Beek
Vincent Ter Beek Editor: Pig Progress