Hubbard SAS and Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd agree on Fulletby Hatchery

09-06-2006 | |

Hubbard SAS and Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd have made an agreement that will give Hubbard exclusive use of the Joice and Hill hatchery at Fulletby, Lincolnshire, which will hatch eggs from the Hubbard UK grand parent farms.

This arrangement is part of Hubbard’s plan for further expansion into the UK market.

Fulletby hatchery was completely refurbished and equipped with the latest Chickmaster equipment two years ago.

‘We are delighted with this opportunity to develop our sales in the UK and are impressed by the Joice and Hill facilities and management,’ said Hubbard’s UK sales executive, Jim Hunnable.

Joice and Hill will produce all their Bovans Goldline and Babcock layer chicks at their Eye, Peterborough hatchery which has recently been acquired from ISA.

‘Joice and Hill now has the capacity to supply the largest farms in the UK and our farming base has expanded so that we can meet the demand for the Bovans Goldline and Babcock brands throughout the UK,’ said Robert Haynes, CEO of Joice and Hill.