Hubbard technical seminar in Morocco

20-06-2008 | |

Hubbard recently held a technical seminar for the Moroccan hatcheries and producers entitled “Better production to gain more”.

The seminar gathered the vast majority of the hatcheries and producers resulting in many discussions.
During the seminar several subjects were addressed. An overview on the global poultry market was given by Jean-François Hamon, Hubbard’s business director for the region, detailing the major increase in costs of raw materials. This pushes the industry for a further improvement in productivity to keep the cost price as low as possible.
Dr Eric Bonjour, director veterinary services for Hubbard, talked about the implementation of the quality assurance scheme in Morocco which is very similar to the French “Chartes Sanitaires”. Morocco has now reached a good level of bio-security and is responding to the same level of requirements as many other countries, he said.
Michel Clech, senior technician for Hubbard, showed the evolution of the breeder results. He has collected and analysed the breeder field results for many years, giving an objective picture of the technical achievements, now with some new record-breaking results for the Hubbard JV and Hubbard Classic. The analysis also showed that the change from open-sided to dark-out houses improved the results with 4-5 chicks per breeder female placed.
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