IDAC introduces poultry improvement program in Saudi Arabia

05-10-2010 | |

IDAC laboratories will disclose the details of its technical and medical initiative on the sidelines of Saudi Agricultural Exhibition 2010 which will be held between 4 – 7th October 2010 at Riyadh Exhibition Center.

President of IDAC Engineer Haitham bin Abdurrahman Al Tarif said “in the framework of our participation in the exhibition, we are intending to announce the first agricultural program (DAWAJIN) which is aimed at raising the level of the bio-security and reduce infection in poultry in addition to mounting poultry production to the highest level possible.”

High mortality
The president explained that the launching of the program comes at a time when deaths in poultries reached an alarming rate and posed a challenge to the poultry industry in the Kingdom.

These deaths according to Al Tarif are due to several reasons which can be “brought under control through the application of modern scientific biotechnology and medical expertise around the world.”

The program carries out tests for poultry feed, water and barn environment in farms and also isolation and classification of viruses, examination of micro-organisms that cause infections, isolation and identification of fungi, detect internal parasites, comprehensive analysis of the mycotoxins, and counseling for bio- security.

“The IDAC team will carry out studies on each poultry farm participating in our program and then present periodical reports on the effectiveness of the program in terms of reducing infections and raising the level of production in farms in addition to statistical analysis of each production cycle compared to the previous one,” Al Tarif said.

IDAC operates the most up-to-date laboratories in the Middle East that could carry out all types of chemical analysis and pathology, providing technical, analytic and integrated consultancy for its customers in the agricultural and food production sectors.