INNOVATION: Oxidative stress test for chickens

16-09-2009 | |
INNOVATION: Oxidative stress test for chickens

At the SPACE livestock show in Rennes, France, the French company CCPA Groupe introduces Axiscale. This new nutritional diagnosis helps to assess the oxidative stress of chicks.

Chicks undergo stress from day one, when they are put into a batch, transported and arrive in a new (microbial) environment. The stress results in oxidation at cellular level, and hence the production of free radicals. This in turn can have a negative effect on growth and health of the animals.

Antioxidants are used to counteract the effect of these free radicals often in combination with the addition of extra minerals and vitamins to the diet.

But how do you know the severity of the oxidative stress in the animals? Poultry farmers can send 10 blood samples of ten day-old chicks. The laboratory tests the blood and will mark the sample ranging from 1-20. When the status is more than 10, there is severe oxidative stress in the animals. It can then be recommended to use the product TimFlash, a mineral and vitamin liquid product. At the end of the analysis, a report is send to the farmer.

A study in 2007 showed that mortality in chicks (n=22,000) was reduced with 6.2% when the antioxidant product (TimFlash) was used compared to using no antioxidant.

The sampling of 10 blood samples costs 20 Euro. At the moment, this service is only available in France.

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