Innovations at Space get their stars

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Innovations at Space get their stars

As many as 166 companies entered the innovations competition at Space. The independent jury awarded 49 (list) of them with one or two stars, looking at the importance of the product and the usefulness at the level of the end user.

From the pool of 49, three were awarded 3 stars, being the winners of this years innovation competition. Adisseo France’s product Selisseo 2% Se was awarded 3 stars as were the ECAT laser life candling machine and the Renolit Ondex Perfolux wind break device.


Adisseo’s Selisseo 2% Se, nutritional additive

Adisseo France SAS has developed the product Selisseo® which is an original, pure and chemically defined molecule of HMSeBA (R,S-2-hydroxy-4-methylselenobutanoic acid): a reliable source of organic selenium. Compared to already existing products available in the market, Selisseo is different because it is a source of pure organic selenium, reliable, stable, and easy-to-use and 100% efficient for animal nutrition.

Selisseo allows supplying selenium to synthetize selenocysteine necessary for anti-oxidant selenoproteins such as glutathion peroxidase, thus strengthening the anti-oxidant capacities of the animals. It is also a source of selenomethionine, as form of reserve of selenium in animal tissues.

The product is authorised in EU since May 2013 (reference 3b814) as source of organic selenium in premix and feeds for all animal species. It is developed either as solid containing 5% HMSeBA and 95% carrier (silica), thus supplying 2% selenium or as liquid, containing 5% HMSeBA in water. As solid powder, its optimal particle size, as well as its absence of fines, guarantees a complete mixing and safety when manipulating the product. Its original process based on selenium and hydroxy-methionine ensures the reliable production of a pure molecule. Selisseo is also stable in all conditions of feed preparation, including thermal treatment as used in breeder feeds, or extrusion as used in pet foods and aqua feeds.


Ecat Laser Life Candling, egg candling

The laser life is a technology based on a combination of two complementary elements in order to candle eggs of poultry (hens, duck…). It allows accurate identification of different categories of eggs especially unfertile eggs after incubation, early dead and late dead embryos, rotten eggs and live embryos. They have a great interest for valorization of clear eggs, cuts of waste cost, quality of inovo vaccination especially with ECAT EGGINJECT. Moreover it contributes in better quality of hatched chick.

The laser life enables to detect incubated upside down eggs with 100% accuracy and leads to hatching improvement. By detecting eggs without touching them, it prevents from many contamination issues and shell cracks. This is a true revolution in incubatories. The laser life uses the accuracy of a laser beam in order to analyze the volume of the egg and gives a differentiated description of its content. This enables to separate different categories of eggs especially dead eggs and better valorize the waste of the hatchery.


Renolit Ondex Perfolux, rigid and translucent windbreak

The two pillars of a healthy atmosphere in farming buildings are: a permanent controlled ventilation and sufficient light intake. Many buildings overlook these two aspects which cause an increase in diseases within the herd and a decreased in productivity.

Today windbreak devices available on the market do not meet these two criteria in the same product and their technical performances has not been validated in the past 15 years.

This is why RENOLIT ONDEX developed the first rigid and translucent windbreak cladding system, PERFOLUX, which aims to:

– Ensure windbreak performances measured in an official laboratory;

– Maximize the intake of light inside the farm building all year;

– Actively limit the spread of diseases within the herd by improving the atmosphere and comfort of animals;

– Maximise the productivity and contribute to the development of the livestock;

– Be a durable and sustainable solution, easy to install, shock resistant and maintenance-free.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World