Innovative poultry products awarded Innov’Space stars

10-09-2014 | |
Innovative poultry products awarded Innov’Space stars

Every year, many new products are unveiled at SPACE. This year, 166 entries were presented to the jury, which is composed of experts from technical institutes, INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) and the Chambers of Agriculture, as well as livestock journalists and farmers.

From the real innovations presented for the first time in France, the jury selected 49 products that deserve the Innov’Space label.

33 new products were awarded 1 star and 16 were awarded 2 stars. The Innov’Space awards will be presented to the winners at the exhibitors’ soirée on Tuesday 16 September.

Innov’Space applies to all animal species and presents innovations in farm equipment, feed, animal health and hygiene, energy and genetics that improve the production techniques, profitability, and the health and environmental performance of livestock farms, as well as the working conditions of farmers.

Specifically for the poultry sector, eight new products have been awarded, whereas six more also have an application in swine and bovine husbandry.

Awards for poultry innovations have been granted to:

  • Acma for their “resting table” after ducks have been stunned for slaughter
  • Ceva Sante Animale for their Inline ILS automatic vaccination sprayer for day-old chicks
  • E-Cat for their Laser Life Candling system, accurately detecting infertile eggs or dead embryos
  • FAF for the renewed version of their VE electro narcosis stunner
  • Fancom for their Fantura intelligent ventilation control system
  • Mix Science for their “star system” trolley to feeding chicks in their starter phase
  • Orvia for their Auto Comfort nest for water fowl
  • Petersime for their new Bio-Streamer Re-Store incubator

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