June Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

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chicken that finishes being born
chicken that finishes being born

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a comprehensive summary of the latest business updates from the poultry industry worldwide.

CPF imposes animal welfare and antibiotic standards

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is avoiding or stopping physical adjustments. The company’s broiler business is currently 100% free of beak trimming, and with materials to peck at, the hens’ natural pecking behaviour is promoted. Concerning breeders and egg-laying hens, the infrared beak treatment technology is applied instead of beak trimming. In 2018, the cage-free farming practice was adopted for egg-laying hens, and the company will double production of this year’s cage-free eggs to 10 million to promote ethical food choices in Thailand and in exports. The biosecurity hi-tech farming in closed buildings offers the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare – freedoms from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, and injury, and freedom to express normal behaviour – and are applicable to animals at all domestic poultry farms.

  • With materials to peck at, hens’ natural pecking behaviour is promoted. Photo: CPF

    With materials to peck at, hens’ natural pecking behaviour is promoted. Photo: CPF

  • CPF will double production of this year’s cage-free eggs to 10 million to promote ethical food choices. Photo: CPF

    CPF will double production of this year’s cage-free eggs to 10 million to promote ethical food choices. Photo: CPF

Furthermore, CPF has upheld responsible and appropriate use of antibiotics. A single approach is applicable to the company’s livestock business and contracted farmers’ in Thailand and overseas, demanding no use of human-only antibiotics in animals or shared-class antibiotics or growth-promoters.

Lallemand’s probiotic lowers feed costs

A study published in Poultry Science shows the positive effect of Lallemand’s probiotic strain Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM I-4622 (MA 18/5M) (BACTOCELL) on dietary energy utilisation in laying hens. The study indicated that the probiotic was able to compensate for the effect of a 100 kcal ME/kg of feed energy dilution on laying performance. Authors suggested that the probiotic supplement increases feed efficiency and concluded that the strain can be a viable strategy for lowering feed costs while maintaining laying performance and egg quality.

DuPont introduces Axtra Phy Gold phytase enzymes

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has launched the phytase enzyme Axtra Phy Gold, which will be available in the US, Mexico and India and eventually worldwide, pending regulatory authorisations. According to the company, recent scientific studies demonstrate that the enzymes’ ability to allow formulation of inorganic phosphate-free high phytate diets improves sustainability of animal production and offers thermostability.

Aviagen ensures largest single shipment of day-old breeding chicks

Because of the flight route reductions imposed by the current Covid-19 pandemic, Aviagen and sister company Hubbard needed to come up with a creative solution to deliver the birds to Bangladesh. They contacted Qatar Airways Cargo and utilised their flight traveling from Doha, Qatar, to Hong Kong to make a stop in Bangladesh and deliver the 168,760 day-old breeding stock chicks – the largest single shipment of day-old breeding stock chicks ever.

The strategy was for the chicks bound for the poultry producers in Bangladesh to share one flight to Bangladesh. The birds were shipped from 3 locations – Chicago in the US, Paris and Amsterdam – all converging in Doha, Qatar. From there they boarded the diverted flight to travel to Bangladesh, where they were dispatched to the individual farms of Aviagen customers.

DSM and NC State University partner in animal science research

The DSM Animal Nutrition and Health business of Royal DSM announces a 10-year research partnership with North Carolina State University. The research will focus on 3 key research areas, namely animal gut health, precision nutrition and data-driven decision-making for animal health. DSM will provide financial resources for renovations to existing animal science buildings and the development of 2 new buildings at NC State. DSM intends to fund NC State approximately US$2.5 million over the first 3 years.

De Heus acquires Neovia Indonesia

De Heus Animal Nutrition has completed the acquisition of the compound feed operations of Neovia Indonesia (PT Welgro Feedmill and PT Wirifa Sakti) from ADM. With 2 compound feed mills located in West and East Java and total sales volume of 125,000 tonnes in 2019, Welgro and Wirifa focus mainly on the swine, poultry and aqua feed segments.

Wirifa, Indonesia. Photo: De Heus

Wirifa, Indonesia. Photo: De Heus

According to the company, it is estimated that the size of the animal feed market in Indonesia will increase from 19 million tonnes in 2019 to 22 million tonnes by 2022. With a population of 273 million, Indonesia is the largest consumer market for proteins in Southeast Asia.

Trouw Nutrition partners with University of Alberta

Trouw Nutrition has entered into a strategic partnership with the University of Alberta where scientists of the Faculty of Agricultural, Nutritional and Environmental Sciences will work to enable the acceleration of key research and development activities using University of Alberta facilities. Some collaborative projects have already been initiated, and this partnership will create opportunities to explore new research and innovation opportunities in animal nutrition.

Evonik becomes distributor of ProPhorce SR 130 in Southern Africa

Evonik has agreed with Swedish manufacturer, Perstorp, that it will be the exclusive distributor of ProPhorce SR 130 in Southern Africa. ProPhorce SR 130 is a butyric acid product that is a safe, easy to handle and cost-efficient solution for in-feed application in livestock management. Butyric acid is a key ingredient for optimal digestion as it favours gut wall integrity which is important for performance.

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