Keep learning

26-03-2014 | |
Keep learning

“A chicken is a Ferrari.” I heard a breeding and incubation specialist of Aviagen saying this to his audience: students of the Aviagen production management school. The hatchery & incubation management module of this school was held last week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I was fortunate to participate in a part of the programme.

Although we all know it, but by taking part in the course it became very visible again to me, how much knowledge is needed to professionally produce poultry. Despite everything we think we already know. Aviagen specialists, as well as external consultants all gave their input on the course. But not just them. The participants themselves, all staff of hatcheries and poultry integrations from Europe, Middle East and Africa, also gave their very useful input. After all, these are all specialists themselves, who from daily practice experience and understand the reality in a commercial hatchery. Truly a useful source of information.

In-depth information on various topics was discussed extensively. From what is happening on the breeding side, up to the quality of day-old chicks in the grower house. With the hatchery in a crucial pivotal role in between.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the well-being of the chicken and its ability to grow according to expectations. And eventually produce a good piece of meat. Indeed that’s to be compared with a Ferrari. When driving it, one needs to understand how to carefully operate the controls and not to push the throttle to hard. Avoid speeding and behave properly in the traffic. And of course to polish the vehicle from time to time. Keep it in top condition.

The Aviagen School is an excellent opportunity to share and exchange information. Learn from each other. Learn how to drive that Ferrari, named chicken… Knowledge is the key to being successful. Although one may tend to think that having a wide and in depth experience is a guarantee. Despite my grey hair, I understood the message. Keep learning!

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