Kuwait temporarily bans poultry slaughtering

28-02-2007 | |

As a precautionary measure, Kuwait Municipality this yesterday banned slaughtering and selling of life poultry in all governorates for a three-month period, shortly after discovery of bird-flu cases in the country.

All six governorates in Kuwait were alerted to conduct health inspections on all poultry shops, the official said, adding that reports on field procedures of these inspections were to be provided by Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries to the committee.

The municipality’s Public Relations Department would also conduct an awareness campaign about the virus, in order to enlighten citizens and expatriates of procedures followed to avoid infections with the disease, the official said.

Other precautionary measures included the one carried out by the Kuwaiti ministry of education, by closing down all poultry cages in schools and kindergartens as to stem the spread and infection of the bird flu virus among humans, after 20 infections of the virus were found mostly among falcons.
Officials also instructed Kuwait Zoo to prohibit entrance to all school children as well as the birds market.

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