Latest World Poultry available online now

09-02-2015 | |
Latest World Poultry available online now

The latest edition of World Poultry, the first of the new year, is produced under the new editorship of Fabian Brock├Âtter. Ad Bal stepped down and handed over his editorial position after being in charge for seven years.

In this edition World Poultry focuses on broiler formulation strategies for cold weather, because even with proper heating and ventilation there are circumstances in which it takes a little more effort to keep their body temperature within range.

Veterinary expert Dik Mevius is hopeful about the results in antibiotics reduction in The Netherlands and sees resistance decreasing. Especially reducing the use of critical antibiotics for human treatment seems to be possible in day to day broiler farming. Preventing disease is of course key to reduce the use of antibiotics.

In this issue, World Poultry also gives insights in upping biosecurity and tackling rodent problems.

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