Latest World Poultry magazine now online

06-11-2013 | |
Latest World Poultry magazine now online

The latest edition of World Poultry is now available online. This edition focuses on brooding and in addition includes an article on the French turkey industry and reviews from two recent poultry meetings.

Good incubator conditions are important to obtain healthy, uniform and good quality chicks. This demands proper management and understanding of the entire incubation process. But it also includes calibrating the incubator prior to each new cycle.

Next the chicks will need adequate brooding conditions to make a flying start. And onwards precise and professional care to end up in time as a healthy flock to be taken to slaughter.

In-depth articles on these and other interesting topics are published in Volume 29, Nr 9 edition of World Poultry.

Check out the digital version of the magazine right now.