Latest World Poultry magazine now online

30-09-2013 | |
Latest World Poultry magazine now online

The latest edition of World Poultry is now available online. Edition nr 7 focuses on the world’s egg production .

This includes an interview with Julian Madeley, director general of the International Egg Commission (IEC). Madeley outlines how the IEC is making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) visible. Currently they are in the process of creating an egg industry foundation to help the developing world. 

IEC economist Peter van Horne zooms into the production costs of eggs, which are based mainly on high feed prices, legislation and especially the ban on cages in the EU.

The special focus on eggs also includes insight articles on the use and influence of chelated trace minerals in layer performance, a report on egg production in Nigeria and a preview on the upcoming world egg day.

Last but not least , the poultry processing section in this edition of WP includes practical articles, such as 10 tips to help improve yield and carcass quality. It also features the aspects that are related to the technomics of the immersion water chiller, as well as a report on the big changes in the Brazilian poultry meat industry.

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