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LUBING company with its global network continues to be synonymous with top-quality and innovative products.

As market leader for highly specialized Drinking, Conveyor-and Climate-Systems, with its 10 subsidiaries and 29 representative agencies abroad, LUBING can be reached on all five continents.
LUBING exhibited at the VIV Europe The product range for poultry and pig. All systems are complete solutions, which optimize a modern animal husbandry. The newest range poultry in the Drinking-Systems for breeding and fattening will be shown. The Conveyor-Systems for safe egg transport are represented by a current curve conveyor. The Climate-Systems, Summit-Climate and Climate-Pad, or for increasing the air humidity, cooling and dust binding will presented in the current level of development.
Within the range pig extensively further developed the Drinking-Systems for pigs and piglets as well as the Climate-Systems are exhibited.
Also represented on the stand is the subsidiary “barku”(Barnstorfer Kunststofftechnik). All plastic products are presented together such as plastic flooring systems, pipes and tube bends for modern animal husbandry.
LUBING Emphasize an uncompromising quality philosophy and a consistent further development of all products.
LUBING’s latest innovation (patent protected) first shown in 2010 at the VIV Europe:
THE LUBING Twin Clean Line
The answer to the challenge of the future!
This complete line plastic drinking needs no additional aluminum or galvanized support profiles! Through the smooth plastic surface without hidden edges it is simplest to clean.
Meat safety starts with an optimum hygiene at the farm.
A function unit with a wet-pit pump drinking inside this line has much more advantages:
•          no standing water in the line
•          optimal distribution of additives
•          no additives or sedimentation
•          perfect uniformity (temperature, water quality)
•          possibility of water treatment (UVC light)
See this patented, revolutionary line first time drinking at the
 VIV Europe in Hall 12 at LUBING Stand B022.
We look forward to your visit!