Meyn introduces WLD whole leg deboner

20-11-2009 | |

In order to fulfill the increasing demands for high capacity leg deboning, Meyn has introduced the new WLD whole leg deboner.

The demand for deboned poultry products throughout the world has created an intensive and vast growing market, says Meyn. The eating habits of consumers have changed considerably over time, and a clear shift can be seen from whole chickens towards cut up and deboned products.

The Meyn WLD semi-automatically processes left and right anatomical legs with or without skin at a capacity of 3,000 legs per hour.

All required manual activities are fast to learn, easy to execute and less stressful on the muscles and joints of the workers. This allows processors to obtain outstanding results in a short period of time and continuity is easily secured.

According to the company, with the Meyn WLD you are assured of:
– A large flexibility as the system can handle left and right legs with or without skin simultaneously.
– Unrivalled capacity in a compact operation.
– Whole leg fillets of an outstanding quality and optimum yield.
– A system that is easy to adjust and maintain.

The Meyn WLD is the solution for producing whole leg fillets of an outstanding quality and high yield.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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