Recent developments in the global poultry industry

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Recent developments in the global poultry industry.
Recent developments in the global poultry industry.

World Poultry has concisely wrapped up the latest business and product highlights from the international poultry industry. This includes some of the ongoings and new products from this year’s IPPE.

Haarslev plans major US investment

In 2017, Danish processing equipment supplier, Haarslev, will invest in product development and machine upgrades, and will be expanding its regional and local presence worldwide. In particular, the company will invest heavily in its US operations—boosting both manufacturing and service capacity in this key market. “Demand for our products and services is on the rise in the US, and we will soon announce a major investment to meet the demand,” CEO, Han Defauwes says.

Alongside the operational improvements that resulted in a record 2016, Haarslev has also implemented a new value-creation model. “Our new value-creation model, which we call ‘Invest in return,’ defines value more broadly than traditional ROI thinking,” says Defauwes. “For us going forward, value will also include factors like environmental health and sustainability, supporting our customers meet demands from both consumers and government regulators. The company also unveiled a new corporate identity at IPPE 2017 in Atlanta.

Hubbard unveils their latest male: The Hubbard M22

In response to customer demand and through intensified selection work focused on yield and conformation, Hubbard’s R&D department has developed the “Hubbard M22” male. The Hubbard M22 builds upon the performance and FCR advantages offered by Hubbard’s existing male lines such as the Hubbard M99 optimised for total yield and market-leading FCR, while producing more than 1.0% to 1.5% additional breast meat yield. Hubbard’s integration of scanner technology into selection programmes has accelerated genetic advances, which better enable Hubbard’s geneticists to focus on specific criteria such as breast meat yield and conformation.

HKScan celebrates topping-out ceremony at new poultry plant

HKScan celebrated the topping-out ceremony of its new poultry plant in the Lakari industrial precinct of Rauma on Friday, 20 January 2017. Construction was launched last year and is proceeding on schedule. The plant will be completed in spring and equipment installation is already under way. Production trials will commence in summer and the goal is to bring the entire project to its conclusion by the end of Finland’s centenary year, 2017.

The new plant will specialise in the growing poultry segment and chicken products. The state-of the-art equipment that will be installed at the plant will enable HKScan to develop innovative Kariniemen novelties for the Group’s home and expert markets. The new plant is among the most ambitious production investments in HKScan’s history, guaranteeing the long-term survival of food industry jobs in western Finland. The investment is valued at over €80 million.

Meyn introduces the Rapid breast deboner M4.0 at IPPE

The Meyn Rapid breast deboner M 4.0 is the Plug & Play version of Meyn’s widely installed automatic Rapid Plus breast deboner. Innovative and productive, the Rapid processes 4000 front halves or breast caps per hour and delivering outstanding product presentation. Multiple operating options enable a wide range of end products, with excellent presentation for chicken wings, fillets and tenderloins. The wishbone is cut out of the breast very precisely, resulting in minimum bone contamination and low meat loss.

“The Rapid breast deboner acts as an advanced and standalone new system that is carefully designed to minimise installation time and optimise the footprint/capacity ratio,” says Jeroen Bohm, product manager for Meyn deboning systems. “In doing so it enables poultry producers worldwide to enjoy low total cost of ownership while saving up to 19 full time employees per shift.”

Evonik introduces its first own developed probiotic

Evonik launched its first own developed probiotic (DFM, direct fed microbial) product GutCare PY1 at IPPE. The product has a positive effect on the healthy balance of bacteria populations in the chicken gut especially under stressful conditions. For the development of the product, a multi-parameter selection process was established to screen more than 500 strains of the bacterial type Bacillus subtilis for probiotic properties.

The product will initially be introduced in the US market, and other countries will follow. Since the acquisition of the probiotic business of the Spanish company Norel in the summer of 2016, Evonik has 2 probiotics in its portfolio: Ecobiol (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940) for poultry and Fecinor (Enterococcus faecium CECT 4515) for piglets. Over the coming years, Evonik intends to assume a leading role in the field of sustainable and antibiotic-free livestock management.

Cobb broiler grower wins ForFarmers award in Germany

The ForFarmers 2016 ‘Farmer of the Year’ award in Germany has gone to the Stenmans family who rear Cobb500 broilers grown to 2.45 kg [5.4 lb]. They produce a total of 400,000 broilers in 8 houses, receive day-old chicks from Wimex, use feed from ForFarmers and supply the processing plant at Plukon.

  • Photo: Cobb

    Photo: Cobb

Close collaboration between all the suppliers is credited with helping towards the award-winning performance — average daily gain above 66.2 grams, feed conversion at 1.56 at 37 days. The Stenmans said their aim is to produce high quality broilers: “We have the Cobb breed for its very excellent uniformity, high profitability and good technical performance. The uniformity is, I think, very strongly determined by the genetics.”

US farm adopts Pas Reform’s SmartCare approach

House of Raeford’s affiliate Columbia Farms is the first of NatureForm and Pas Reform’s customers in the USA to adopt SmartCare, a new 360° approach to delivering service and support for the hatchery. The Lifetime Services contract has been created in partnership with Columbia Farms’ management team, to deliver a range of services over the next 5 years that has been selected specifically by Columbia for the company’s state-of-the-art SmartPro hatchery in Monetta, South Carolina.

Complex manager Jim Mabe headed the team that worked with NatureForm and Pas Reform to create Columbia Farms’ SmartCare package. He says: “The Monetta facility is a state-of-the-art hatchery – and when we made the decision for SmartPro setters, hatchers, HVAC and automation, we signed up to levels of technological advancement that would ensure we deliver the best possible birds for our network of growers.”

Nutreco expands footprint in Canada

Nutreco is to acquire Hi-Pro Feeds, an animal nutrition supplier with operations in Western Canada and Southwest USA. Hi-Pro Feeds is a full-service animal nutrition supplier, supplying complete and specialty feeds, premixes, concentrates and commodity ingredients mainly in Western Canada and Southwest USA. It operates 15 mills and is headquartered in Okotoks, Alberta. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval both in Canada and the USA and is expected to close in the second half of 2017 at the latest.

Knut Nesse, CEO of Nutreco: “We consider Hi-Pro Feeds as a very exciting company with a good reputation and solid management. In Canada, this acquisition will make us a truly nation-wide animal nutrition company with a good presence in all regions and livestock segments. In the US this deal creates a new base for Nutreco, particularly in the dairy and beef industry in the Southwest.”

Jansen poultry equipment introduces AviaView

Jansen Poultry Equipment has introduced a new aviary system called AviaView. This aviary system gives a good overview and allows easy inspection of the birds and nests through integrated walkways. The system allows easy bird movement, which promotes excellent welfare. Using the well-proven LayMaxx nest system within a new layout attributes to optimal nest acceptance and performance results.

In the beginning of June 2016, the first flock of 16,000 layers arrived at the first location of the system in the UK. The customer was extremely satisfied with both the installation of the system and the performance results. By the beginning of 2017, several houses with the AviaView aviary system will be in use in the UK.

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