Needle-free injection system; the MS Pulse250

25-02-2010 | |
Needle-free injection system; the MS Pulse250

Schippers Introduces a revolutionary new technique: The needle-free injection system.

After extensive testing in practice, we are proud to introduce to you the Pulse250-MS system, which enables you to inject into the animal pharmaceuticals, without the disadvantages of using a syringe with a needle.
Advantages of the MS Pulse250 compared to traditional syringe with a needle:
  1. Food Safety
    The Pulse system does not use needles, so there is no risk of a broken needle finding its way into the food supply. This results in significant benefits to the producer, the
    processing facility and the marketer of the meat.
  2. Biosecurity
    Pulse Significantly Reduces the transmission of PRRS and other blood borne diseases that have been demonstrated to be transferred from one animal to the next through needle reuse.
    Unlike conventional needle injections, which physically tear a hole in the skin and
    carry tissue from the outer skin surface into the injection site, the Pulse is non-invasive and only propel the pharmaceutical through the skin.
  3. Worker Safety and Ease of Use
    Pulse eliminates the risk of accidental needle sticks and repetitive motion injuries attributed to manual squeezing syringes. Pulse also makes it easy to inject viscous products that are cumbersome to inject with a manual syringe.
  4. Reduce Tissue Damage Costly
    Pulse is more tissue-friendly than conventional needle injections that resulted in needle track carcass trim and injection site lesions.
  5. Animal Well-Being
    The Pulse system inject through the skin with an entry point that is approximately one seventh the diameter of a conventional 18-gauge needle. Animals respond better to a pulse injection, which is faster and less traumatic than being injected with a needle that has been Blunted Through repeated use.
  6. Dose Accuracy
The MS Pulse250 every vaccine can inject from 0.5 up to 2.5 cc, and can be used for pigs, cattle and other species. All-age and weight classes can be injected because the injection depth is adjustable.
The Pulse system delivers accurate doses time after time, unlike conventional syringes where the dose varies according to user skill and other variables.

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