North Americans would choose beef and seafood instead of poultry

24-05-2006 | |

A survey conducted recently in the US and Canada showed that consumers deciding not to eat poultry because of fears about bird flu would eat seafood or beef instead.

The survey reveals that North Americans have a very limited understanding of how bird flu is contracted. Also, in spite of the fact that 90% of people surveyed in the US and 95% in Canada were aware of bird flu, most are not aware of the safety measures taken by food services and restaurant industries to protect consumers from the virus.

The survey found that in the US 54% of consumers who would choose to eat less poultry (or none at all) would choose instead to eat beef and seafood, with equal preference for both. In Canada, the preferred poultry alternative was beef (65% of respondents), followed in 58% of cases by seafood. Seafood rated much higher than pork or other meats, as well as soy products.

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