Novi Sad seminar forecasts bright future for poultry industry

15-11-2011 | |

More than 100 people from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia took part in the Cobb annual seminar for the region of former Yugoslavia held in Hotel Park in Novi Sad.

James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany and Jasmina Atlic, owner of Cobb Germany’s distributor Iradia, welcomed the guests. Then Matthias Todte, veterinarian from MMT Tierarztpraxis, spoke about necrotic enteritis as one of the pressing problems facing the region’s production.

Dutch hatchery expert Ron Meijerhof spoke about incubation and its influence on chick quality, followed by Dr Dusan Orlic, from the veterinary institute of Novi Sad, who detailed feeding programs and their impact on vaccination and immunity in rearing Cobb breeders.

Ermin Grbic, tecnical manager of Iradia, explained use of signal light feeding in rearing Cobb breeders showing very good examples from the field.

Finally Polish poultry specialist Marek Pospiech emphasised the importance of persistency through the production phase as a key in earning profit.

In closing the event James Truscott was optimistic about the future for the global industry. “Our broiler industry can supply quality, disease-free products for the growing world population,” he said. “Rising living standards and population increases, especially in developing countries, add up to greater demand for broiler meat — so, I believe, we all have the prospect of a bright future.”

Source: Cobb Vantress