Nutreco launches Young Researchers Prize

14-10-2019 | |
Photo: Nutreco
Photo: Nutreco

Nutreco has announces the launch of its Young Researchers Prize, which will be awarded to the most promising research by PhD and post-doctorate students working globally across animal, aquaculture and veterinary sciences.

This prize marks the company’s 25th anniversary and aims to recognise outstanding research efforts to address the increasingly important challenge of generating enough food for the world’s growing population. The solutions to this challenge will have to be systemic and sustainable, encompassing the various farming systems on our planet.

Nutreco CEO, Rob Koremans, says that the company wished to mark the milestone of their 25th anniversary “by recognising the efforts of talented researchers who share our vision in unearthing new solutions for Feeding the Future,” adding, “We hope this prize will stimulate promising young researchers to keep working towards this goal.”

Prize details

The Nutreco Young Researchers Prize consists of:

  • First place, €12,000 cash prize
  • Second place, €8,000 cash prize
  • Third place, €5,000 cash prize

The award applications need to be submitted in the category of precision/smart farming, young animal nutrition, or animal health and welfare.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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