Perdue closes 2 hatcheries, expands anothers

31-08-2009 | |

Perdue Farms will close its hatcheries in Showell and Bishopville, Md., in early May 2010, but expands 2 others.

It has also been reported that the company plans to invest $3.7 mln to expand production at one hatchery on the Delmarva Peninsula and another one in Kenly, N.C. The investment will increase hatch production by 40% at one of its Salisbury hatcheries and nearly double hatch production in Kenly, according to Purdue.

Perdue will invest in new equipment and ventilations systems to accommodate the increased production in Kenly, while existing equipment from Showell and Bishopville will be installed at the Salisbury hatchery to handle the increased hatch production there.

The expansion will create 5 new positions in Salisbury and Kenly while eliminating 36 positions in Showell and Bishop.

“The Showell and Bishopville facilities are outdated and require significant investment in facility maintenance and equipment to continue operating,” said Mike Roberts, President of the Food Products Group. “While these changes will not go into effect until early next year, we are letting our associates know now so they can take advantage of openings at other Perdue facilities should they be interested.”

This investment will improve overall hatchery operations efficiency by more fully utilising existing facilities. “Maximising production in our hatchery operations is in line with our ongoing strategy to improve asset utilisation and competitiveness,” said Roberts.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist