Phytase enzyme: what is next?

15-11-2010 | |

There has been a significant increase in the use of phytase enzyme over the past 10-15 years. It is estimated that 60-70% of rations fed to monogastric animals are supplemented with this enzyme.

“First international phytase summit” was the title of a meeting held in Washington, DC in the last week of September 2010. This meeting was organised, in a collaborative effort, by academic and commercial sectors and participants were from different parts of the world.

A wide range of topics including the future of phytase application in the animal feed industry were discussed during this event. Feedback provided by some of the attendees indicated that this gathering was an excellent avenue to discuss and share scientific information on phosphorus- and phytase- related issues from different aspects. The meeting was scheduled to have 5 technical sessions and PDF files of presentations given at each of these sessions are available at the meeting website (

I would like to hear about your practical experiences of using phytase under commercial poultry farm conditions:

I- Do you currently add phytase to your poultry farm rations?

II- Is it being added as a single enzyme or in combination with other enzyme products? 

III- What difference does its supplementation make?

3- Selle & Ravindran. 2007. Microbial phytase in poultry nutrition. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 135: 1-41.

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