Piet Simons awarded Poultry Personality at VIV Europe

20-05-2014 | |
Piet Simons awarded Poultry Personality at VIV Europe

Piet Simons, ambassador of the Dutch Poultry Centre, was awarded the Poultry Personality Award 2014 at the opening ceremony of VIV Europe.

Simons (right on the picture) received the prize for his work at the centre, reaching out to a global audience, and sharing his knowledge. Well-known throughout the industry and widely respected, he received the award from Nigel Horrox, owner of Positive Action Publications (left).

The Dutch won all of the European awards this year plus the European Poultry Breeding Award 2014 went to a Dutchman, Otto van Tuijl (second on the right), who works at Aviagen. The European Meat Personality Award went to Jack Hazenbroek (second on the left).

Horrox himself also received an award – the VIV oeuvre award, instigated by the livestock industry, for his continuous work for the industry over the last 30 years.

Ter Beek
Vincent Ter Beek Editor: Pig Progress