Poultry performance examined at TNI seminar

05-01-2011 | |

Last December, Trouw Nutrition Indonesia (TNI) conducted a seminar entitled “From research to practical poultry nutrition”. This seminar was attended by poultry farmers, feed mills, and academicians. Dr. Henk Enting, Global Technical Manager Poultry Trouw Nutrition International, was invited to explain about the topic.

In his presentation, Dr. Enting underlined two important points in order to pursue high poultry performance and to maximise profits. First, raw material and feed evaluation. Second, improvement of gut health.

About raw material, Dr. Enting said, because there is variation in current raw material quality, interactions between nutrient digestibilities and development of new NIR prediction equations should be analysed. While about feed evaluation, he focused his explanation on optimal amino acid and energy levels in different conditions. To get optimal amino acid levels, he said, regular updates are required about amino acid requirements in order to adjust dietary levels according to breed, progress in genetics, environmental temperature and health status.

“For example, during infections, amino acid and energy levels in feed should be reduced. But in recovery, amino acid and energy levels should be increased to compensate during infections. In practical, during infections and the feed intake decreasing 5% – 10%, the feed protein could be reduced to 17% for layers and 19% for broilers,” said Dr. Enting.

Relating to improvement of gut health, Dr. Enting said that controlling Salmonella is very important. Salmonella can be reduced by a combination of blends of organic acids and medium chain fatty acids, components that block adherence of Salmonella to the intestinal cell wall and components that activate the immune system.

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