Research projects map out food safety hotspots

15-05-2006 | |

A number of food safety and nutrition research studies up for funding by the UK regulator could result in new codes of practice or regulation for the industry.

The studies are part of a programme by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) to increase food safety and improve nutrition throughout the country. The research studies could eventually help big and small companies improve their food safety practices.

Over recent years the FSA has been working towards a target to reduce foodborne disease by 20% by the year 2006 and even further by 2010.

The FSA commissioned projects up for bid include: microbial risk management, the eggs and poultry sector, microbial surveillance, chemical contaminants from food production, a safety assessment of novel and genetically modified foods, a survey of food acceptability and choice, a survey of food choice inequalities, food authenticity, food intolerance, and research on surveillance and monitoring in Scotland.


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