Results survey among pig/poultry experts

13-11-2007 | |

At a recently held meeting, organised by Alltech, 180 of Europe’s top nutritionists and veterinarians gave their opinion about the current and future issues in the pig and poultry business.

These are the results:
— 70% of pig and 79% of poultry respondents believe GM feed is inevitable.
— 68% think Biofuels policy has negative effect on EU agriculture.
— 62% and 65% respectively worried by new EU salmonella targets.
— Roughly half of both species believe performance is worse since the AGP ban, but half do not, reflecting the success of alternatives such as Bio-Mos®.

Poultry results
— 75% say the enzymes they use are effective but nearly 90% report wet litter problems.
— 60% felt coccidiosis vaccines alone are not able to replace coccidiostats.
— 77% report seeing Necrotic Enteritis.
— 64% have changed diet specifications since feed material prices have increased.

Pig results
— 70% believe selecting for improved pig growth has compromised immunity.
— Nearly 80% believe following NRC or other equivalents do not give Sows enough minerals.
— 70% have see circovirus on their farms, or on their clients farms.
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