Roast chicken tops Australian poultry poll

04-04-2014 | |
Roast chicken tops Australian poultry poll

Research released by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) has revealed the favourite ways for Australians to enjoy home-cooked chicken, with Roast “chook” leading the field with 61% of consumer votes.

Making up the remainder of the top five home prepared  favourites were: stir fry (51%), chicken schnitzel (44%), chicken curry (40%) and chicken sandwich/wrap (39%).

Chicken is a key component of the Australian diet with the latest research showing that 94% of the population eat chicken. In fact a third of Australians who eat chicken do so at least three times a week.

Dr Joanna McMillan, nutritionist and accredited practicing dietitian, commenting on the latest research says, “It’s great to see the classic roast remaining a firm favourite but also interesting to see the mix of cuisines being enjoyed as well as the preferences reflecting our lifestyle, age and gender.”

Research results also highlighted that roast chicken is especially popular among older Australians, whereas those under 35 years are more likely to opt for stir fry as a favourite chicken meal. Preferences between men and women were also evident with men being more likely to opt for a homemade chicken burger over a chicken salad.

When it comes to pieces of roast chicken, breast meat is the clear favourite (46%) over thigh (20%), followed by leg (18%).

Source: ACMF