Russia to reduce poultry import dependence

04-08-2009 | |

The dependence of the Russian meat market on poultry and pork imports will be reduced by 2012, the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov declared.

“We are planning to reduce the dependence of our poultry and pork markets on overseas import,” stated Zubkov in his interview with the Russian media.

“Last year our pork market was provided with 29% imports, and the poultry market 36%. This is too much. Currently we managed to change the dynamics in favour of the domestic produce; it means, the import is decreasing,” Zubkov noted.

According to the Vice Prime Minister’s data, over the past 10 years “all the possible indicators of the meat production in Russia have dropped”. A number of the stock is three times less, and beef production 2.5 times. The consumption per capita reduced from 31 kg in 1999 to 16.6 kg. “It is absolutely an unacceptable situation,” he complains.

Source: Meat International

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist