Salmonella outbreak in Sweden

19-12-2007 | |

After eating infected eggs that were imported from Poland, twelve people in the Gävle region, Sweden, have contracted salmonella.

According to the National Food Administration, eggs from the same batch have also been sold in Sollentuna, Botkyrka and Stockholm.
The administration believes that those infected in the Gävle region may have eaten mayonnaise made with the Polish eggs.
Salmonella in Poland – certificates needed
Because salmonella in common in Poland, a certificate is needed when importing eggs to Sweden to prove the batch is not infected with the bacteria. However, the certificates that were obtained by wholesalers at Ã…rstahallarna in Stockholm, supplied false information.
Although health boards in Gävle and Stockholm have started to investigate the matter, experts believe it will be difficult to detect which wholesaler missed the error.
“There have been three or four operators mentioned, but they trade eggs among themselves in the halls, which makes them difficult to trace. But they are obliged to check these things; that’s what a wholesaler is supposed to do,” said Pontus Elvingsson, food administration inspector.
“I hope the case is investigated properly and those responsible are held accountable,” he added.