Ten year picking fingers from Wm. Goodyear

05-08-2010 | |

Wm. Goodyear Co. is celebrating a major achievement. The company is marking its 10th year of manufacturing picking fingers for the poultry industry.

Wm. Goodyear Co. manufactures picking fingers in its U.S. Monroe, N.C., plant. The fingers are manufactured from high-grade natural rubber using ingredients approved by the FDA for food handling applications. Fingers are available in yellow, gray, red and black colours and are produced to the hardness required by each plant.  

The company has increased production of picking fingers at its ISO-certified plant, which enables them to keep a large inventory for quick response time for customers’ needs. “We continue to update and improve our compound to make durable picking fingers that improve picking efficiency,” Wm. Goodyear Co. Vice President Harry Goodyear said. “We are aggressive with our research and development. Our latest products have shown great results in the field and users have seen an increase in performance.”


Ad Bal Freelance journalist
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