Turkey meat gaining popularity year-round

25-11-2008 | |
Turkey meat gaining popularity year-round

Turkey meat and cuts are proving to be popular consumer products year-round in the US, according to the National Turkey Federation’s 2008 Marketplace Survey.

Ground turkey has seen an increase in recent years with over 403 mln lbs sold in 2007, up from about 365 mln lbs (10% increase from 2005).

According to N.T.F.’s vice-president of marketing and communications, Sherrie Rosenblatt, ground-turkey growth in the marketplace is a reflection of its versatility and excellent nutritional profile, which makes it easy to use in an array of dishes.

The survey’s results revealed that the top 3 turkey products produced are whole birds (24.5%), cooked white meat, or deli meat, (13.8%) and ground turkey (10.1%).

Retail and foodservice sector

Approx. 43% of the turkey volume sold goes to the retail sector. Whole birds make up 50% of the volume distributed to supermarkets, followed by ground turkey (15.6%) and bone-in breast (7.3%).

About 18% of the turkey volume goes to the foodservice sector, with the top 3 products being cooked white meat (37.1%), sliced deli meat (12.8%) and other raw turkey meat, such as breast cutlets and mignons (11.4%).

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