USDA include poultry and eggs on web portal

20-07-2009 | |

The US Department of Agriculture announced that its Market News Portal has been expanded to include Poultry Market News, reports TMC News.

The portal provides instant, real-time access to daily and historical reports on agricultural commodity markets for producers, shippers and handlers, manufacturers and processors, wholesale and retail marketers, market analysts and others. The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) operates the portal.

The web-based system was launched in 2005, beginning with Fruits and Vegetables and Livestock and Grain. The expanded web portal will help additional businesses make better marketing decisions because they can have instant access to Market News databases.

The portal makes customised current and historical data available almost instantly and is downloadable in several user-defined formats. Registered users can create electronic bookmarks to locate specific data on return visits. The portal is available at no cost. The USDA and cooperating state agency market reporters gather information on supplies, demand and prices of agricultural commodities.

Established in 1915, USDA Market News issues more than 1,000 daily reports on fruits and vegetables, livestock, dairy products, grain, poultry and cotton. The service helps users make informed marketing decisions and is a primary data source for other uses – such as market analysis, contract pricing, dispute resolution and insurance settlements.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist