Vaccine trials successful in treating poultry against coccidiosis

19-05-2008 | |

Imugene Ltd reports that the Imugene/Abic vaccine induced protection against the major poultry disease coccidiosis in trials conducted by Abic Biological Laboratories Teva Ltd in conjunction with the University of Technology Sydney.

The Business Spectator reports that the vaccine candidate groups that produced the most protection were orally vaccinated at 1 day old and day 14.
The next stages in the development of the vaccine will require trialling to determine a minimum dose and an optimum date of administration for protection.
Imugene MD, Warwick lamb: “The vaccine has surpassed the accepted commercial parameters for protection against this disease.”
Imugene says that coccidiosis is one of the most common and costly diseases in poultry, causing weight loss and poor feed conversion, and in severe case, mortality.
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