Venezuela: Poultry products prices soar

03-01-2014 | |
Venezuela: Poultry products prices soar

The wholesale prices of poultry and livestock products have increased 135% in 2013, according to the Central Bank of Venezuela.

This food sector reported higher prices for inputs such as feed animal, which are mostly imported, and salaries, among other costs which affect the production chain.

Although the prices of chicken and beef meat are regulated at 18.73 and 27.29 bolivars (€2.17 and €3.16), respectively, in the market these meats are sold more expensive. A kilo of poultry meat reaches between 35 to 45 bolivars (€4 to €5.22) and beef meat, among others, between 90 to 130 bolivars (€10.44 to €15).

The poultry and livestock sector experienced a wholesale inflation of 103.1% in 9 months and 8.1% in September. Prices of wholesale agricultural products rose 71.2% in one year and 50% from December to September. Agricultural consumer goods were up 4% in September, totalling 47.3% in 9 months and 83.2% in a year.

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