This year, Poultry World will once again host engaging seminars at the IPPE in Atlanta, scheduled for January 30th and 31th. Our editor Fabian Brockotter will host this seminar on Antibiotic Reduction and a seminar on Natural solutions for gut health. Discover more below. Would you like to attend? Register now using the attached form.

Please note, these seminars will only take place physically at the IPPE in Atlanta; they will not be available for online viewing. To participate, you’ll also need to register for the IPPE itself.

Tuesday January 30 | Natural solutions for gut health | 12.00 – 1.30 PM | Room B407

In this seminar on natural solutions for gut health, experts will focus on how to achieve healthier poultry through a balanced gut health and supplying the bird with all the necessary nutrients. Keeping the birds healthy and feeding them accordingly with the right ingredients and additives demands a high level of knowledge and the full attention of the nutritionist, farm manager and veterinarian. Experts share their top tips on improving the birds gut health. The topic will be viewed from an on farm angle and a nutritional angle, as speakers will address solutions how to tackle gut health without the use of antibiotics and with the use of alternatives.


Dr. Aldo Rossi

VP, Innovation & Technical Service at Amlan International

Presentation title:

Mitigate Performance Challenges to Drive Profits Naturally

  • Rising demand for natural solutions to control pathogens and improve animal health, coupled with limited new drugs for food animals, highlights the industry’s need for more effective disease control tools.
  • Producers facing performance-decreasing diseases like coccidiosis, Necrotic Enteritis, and leaky gut should adopt proven natural alternatives in their management programs.
  • These additive solutions combine various actions to prevent resistance. Replacing or reducing traditional products with these alternatives helps manage drug resistance.
  • Natural feed additives matching common poultry products, enhancing intestinal health and immunity.

Dr. Kay Russo, DVM, MAHM, DACPV

Technical Services Manager, Dairy and Poultry, at Chr. Hansen

Presentation title:

Supporting bird welfare through the power of probiotics

  • What makes the microbiome so vital for our industry to consider?​
  • What are the impacts of gut-brain microbiota access on your bottom line?​
  • Does serotonin level impact a bird’s performance and well-being? ​
  • Can effective probiotics impact farmers’ profitability?

Erik Hoeven

Innovation & Sustainability Manager, NestBorn

Presentation title:

On-farm hatching : how optimal (chick) welfare translates into health benefits during entire broiler cycle

  • What is on-farm hatching (early feeding + some other features differentiating from traditional hatchery practices);
  • Difference in (disease) pressure hatchery versus farm-born & cross-contamination risk;
  • Overview of existing on-farm hatching systems + video NestBorn
  • Some welfare & performance key performance indicators of on-farm hatching

Wednesday January 31 | Antibiotic Reduction | 12.00 – 1.30 PM | Room B407

The reduction of antibiotic usage, first with the ban of in feed antibiotics in Europe and in the US, and the following reduction of prescribed antibiotic usage, is first and foremost a human health issue. Preventing bacteria from becoming resistant is key. However, societal demand for a more sustainable way of production has a share in the trend for using less antibiotics too, as has the success of marketing meat produced without the administration of antimicrobials. Within these trends it is essential to keep the birds healthy using fewer or even no antibiotics. This seminar aims to give practical insight in how to reduce antibiotics in times of increasing disease pressure.


Dr. Techer Clarisse

Monogastric Category Manager at Mixscience

Presentation title:

Antibiotic reduction strategies for poultry production

  • Challenges of antibiotic-free poultry production
  • Strategies used to manage performance in antibiotic-free poultry models
  • Alternatives to antibiotics: current status and perspectives

Dr. Mueez Ahmad, DvM

Technical Services Manager at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

Presentation title:

Exploring Alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promotion in Poultry Production

  • Why have antibiotics been an integral part of poultry production system?
  • What are the challenges in removing antibiotics partially or completely?
  • What are the current antibiotic alternatives?
  • What could be an ideal plan to wean off the poultry industry from antibiotics?
  • What technologies are most effective?

Dr. Maarten De Gussem

DVM, Global Poultry Consultant at Vetworks

Presentation title:

Enterococcus, the silent pathogen

  • Enterococcus bacteria overview
  • Brooding, gut health and enterococcus
  • Osteoimmunology links with enterococcus problems in the field
  • The answer to control Enterococcus in poultry?

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