Algeria to revive poultry industry with road map

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Algeria to revive poultry industry with road map
Algeria to revive poultry industry with road map

A road map is to be implemented this year in the north African country of Algeria with the aim of reviving the country’s poultry sector.

This follows an action plan for the modernisation and the organisation of the sector announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries announced.

Surplus poultry production

The poultry sector currently experiences constant failures due to surplus production and an increase of poultry products prices, according to the ministry communiqué. After several meetings of consultation, the Ministry and the National inter-professional Council of the Poultry Sector (CNIFA) agreed on implementing the road map in order to develop the sector further.

This roadmap will define the actions to be taken by 2019 in view of relaunching the Algerian poultry industry. These measures will be applied according to short, medium and long term timetables.

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Process of consultation

The 2 sides also agreed to continue the process of consultation between the Office of CNIF and the Ministry services in order to consolidate and enrich the proposals of the Interprofessional Council of the subsidiary.

The goal is to bring together the conditions for public and private interventions of all those involved including the Ministry, industry professionals and other players such as banks and accompanying investment mechanisms.

Source: Algeria Press Service

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