Alltech Indonesia discusses ‘the game changer’ in Surabaya

29-12-2011 | | |

For the first time PT Alltech Biotechnology Indonesia (Alltech Indonesia) chose Surabaya, East Java as the location for Alltech’s Asia Pacific Lecture Tour (APLT) 2011. East Java is known as the largest center of egg and broiler production in the eastern region.

This year, the main topic discussed in Alltech’s APLT was about the game changer. Alltech’s founder Pearse Lyon revealed that in 2011 the world population will be 7 trillion and in 2050 it will be 9.3 trillion. According to him, these predictions bring a serious impact to agriculture, animal husbandry and animal health. One of the challenges that we are facing is how to create a balance situation between the potency of food and energy production and environment issues. At the same time we also should be able to meet the increasing needs of consumers, said Lyon.

General Manager of Alltech Indonesia, Isra’ Noor said, “Our ACE- Animal, Consumer and Environment-principle, research and products embodies our efforts to become the game changer.”

The technical speakers of this lecture tour were Richard Murphy, Paulo Rigolin and Fuci Guo.