Argentina boosts poultry production and consumption

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Argentina boosts poultry production and consumption
Argentina boosts poultry production and consumption

Argentina is reporting a bullish poultry market, with the result that 175,870 tonnes in October amounted to a record production of chicken meat.

The Center for Poultry Processing Business Argentina (CEPA) also reported that in October the annual consumption of chicken meat represented 45.9 kilograms per capita.

In the same period, total exports were 22,758 tons, so the demand in the domestic market was to the order of 153,110 tons.

With respect to exports, the main international destination for the sale of chicken meat from Argentina is Venezuela, followed by China, Chile, Russia, Holland, Angola, South Africa and 60 other countries.

Health conditions

The president of CEPA, Roberto Domenech, indicated that “outbreaks of avian influenza in countries like UK, Germany and the Netherlands, will increase demand for Argentine poultry products in the European Union”.

Regarding the reasons for this remarkable growth in demand for Argentine meat chicken, both domestically and abroad, Domenech remarked about the quality of the product of national origin.

Finally, the president of CEPA noted that “Argentina continues to maintain an optimal health status – free of Newcastle disease and avian influenza.”

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