Aviagen Turkeys launches new website

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Aviagen Turkeys launches new website

Aviagen Turkeys, a supplier of turkey breeding stock worldwide, has launched a new website.

The company’s new multilingual website, Aviagenturkeys.com giving visitors access to a primary source of up to date information including a comprehensive document library that is easy-to-use and navigate. The site has adopted a new approach to searching technical documents, management guides, performance goals and feeding guidelines for the company’s turkey brands – B.U.T. and Nicholas.

“At Aviagen Turkeys we are always looking for improved ways to share technical information with our customers, and we wanted to bring the spirit of innovation to our website,” said Ian Hamilton, Managing Director, Aviagen Turkeys Ltd. “For the launch we have provided the site in English, French, German, Italian and Polish languages and plan to bring further  languages online in the near future as part of our long term commitment to the turkey market.”

The company plan to continually upgrade the information available to customers via the website and understand the need to keep this information available in local language and have a navigation system which allows you to find information quickly and easily.

Source: Aviagen Turkeys

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