Belarus poultry meat imports down and exports up

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Belarus poultry meat imports down and exports up
Belarus poultry meat imports down and exports up

Belarus has reduced imports of poultry by 50% and increased export by 15% on year-to-year comparison during January-April of 2014, according to official static data of the Republic.

Exports of poultry meat and edible poultry offal during the reporting period in natural term increased by 15% to 38,600 tonnes, while in monetary terms rose by 2.6% to US$ 74.1 million. Almost all poultry; 99% has been supplied to Russia, while the rest amount went to the other CIS countries: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

At the same time poultry imports fell in natural terms by half to 1,900 tonnes, and the monetary terms by 53% to US$2.7 million. Thus, Belarus sold by 20 times more poultry meat and edible offal, than they bought.

The largest part of all supplies; 43% has been bought from Poland, the rest was imported from Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and France, as well as from CIS countries – Russia and Ukraine. Thus, poultry production during the reporting period has been supplied to Belarus mainly from Europe.

Also according to official static information, during the reporting period the volume of poultry production in the country rose by 4.7% to 68,100 tonnes on year-to-year comparison.

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Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent