Belgium’s Experimental Poultry Centre partners up

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Belgium’s Experimental Poultry Centre partners up

Belgium’s Experimental Poultry Centre is now equipped with Lay-Insight & Broiler-Insight following a partnership with Porphyrio.

The Experimental Poultry Centre in Geel, Belgium, which is financed mainly by the Province of Antwerp opened its newest facilities in June 2014. For daily management and control of production, and for efficient management of research data, the Centre has closed a partnership with Porphyrio and both their farm workers and scientists are now supported by Lay-Insight & Broiler-Insight.

The biggest farm for applied poultry research is a unique Public & Private Partnership, driven by the Flemish Poultry Sector and the Province of Antwerp, gives place to 48 experimental groups of layers, and 32 groups of broilers. Equipped by state-of-the art housing systems (different aviary setups and enriched cages) and automation technology, such as the Staalkat egg grading system, the scientists can fully focus on investigating all relevant aspects of poultry production.

Johan Zoons, director of the Centre for Applied Poultry Research explains. “In our new facilities, we know everything about each chicken present and each egg laid. With this wealth of high quality research data, we want to be a leading party in the European applied poultry research.”

But with large amounts of numbers comes great complexity to manage them. “To collect, standardise and integrate all these data into one dataset ready for statistical analysis, we looked for data experts. The Porphyrio solutions are not only helping us with management of our data, they also support our farm workers in managing 80 groups of chickens.” Zoons concludes.

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