Better Pharma: 2014 sales volume reaches 5 billion baht

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Chayanon Kittayachaweng, senior vice president of animal health at Betagro Group (middle).
Chayanon Kittayachaweng, senior vice president of animal health at Betagro Group (middle).

Better Pharma, one of Thailand’s largest animal pharmaceutical producers, expects its sales volume to reach 5 billion baht (€112 million) in 2014. The company achieved a sales level of 4.3 billion baht (€96 million) in 2013.

Chayanon Kittayachaweng, senior vice president of animal health at Betagro Group, told a group of livestock journalists, “In 2014, the Thai integrated agriculture is not expected to grow. Recently, the Kasikorn Research Centre forecasted the Thai economy to have decreased in the first quarter of 2014. In the second quarter, the Thai economy may grow, but only for 1%. For the whole year, however, the research centre expects a growth of 1.8%.”

He continued, “In 2014, Betagro reorganised the group into five business units: Animal nutrition; swine production; poultry production; food; animal pharmaceuticals.”

Chayanon said, “The total sales figure of the animal pharmaceutical business is expected to reach 6 billion baht (€135 million) in 2014 – of which the lion’s share will be made by Better Pharma with its target of 5 billion baht. The pharmaceutical company, established in 1979, has been the number 1 on the Thai market for the last 14 years. Currently, the market in Thailand consists of over 200 companies.

Poultry business

Chayanon continued, “Within Betagro, the poultry business is the most important group, with the biggest volume, consisting of both a broiler and a layer business. Especially in the broiler business, growth is expected as Thailand is allowed to export fresh poultry meat to the European Union (EU) and Japan again. This had not been possible since 2004, due to outbreaks of Avian Influenza (AI). The renewed export opportunities will provide chances for the whole chain, as more production means more pharmaceutical products sold.”

Foreign investments

Chayanon said, “The AI outbreaks also put Better Pharma’s expansion plans in Vietnam on hold for a long time. The new developments mean that Better Pharma’s Vietnam plant now can be opened. Until this moment, Better Pharma did its business in Vietnam through local business partners. In 2013, the sales volume was around 70 million baht (€1.6 million) – and for 2014, a sales volume between 100-140 million baht (roughly €2-3 million, ed.) is expected in Vietnam.”

Chayanon said that apart from Vietnam, Betagro as a whole has special attention for Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia. He noted that especially in Cambodia, regulations are more open for foreign investments these days.

Recently, Betagro opened Betagro (Cambodia) Co, Ltd, located in the in the special economic zone in Phnom Penh. Betagro also hopes to be taken up in Generalised Schemes of Preferences (GSP) for the EU and US markets.

Better Pharma already expanded its business in most ASEAN Economic Community markets, except Singapore and Brunei as these countries do not have extensive livestock herds.

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