Bolivia: Grain shortage prompted chicken meat price hike

13-12-2013 | | |
Bolivia: Grain shortage causes chicken meat price hike
Bolivia: Grain shortage causes chicken meat price hike

Poultry producers in Bolivia are expecting an increase in the price of chicken meat during the year-end holidays. The industry believes that this is the result of occupation on lands where the beans are grown.

Ricardo Alandia, president of Bolivian National Association of Poultry Farming (ADA – acronym in Spanish), has warned that the taking of land is causing shortages of raw materials used in poultry feed.

Alandia confirmed that over the last few weeks the price of corn suffered an alarming increase going from Bs 68 (US$9.84) to Bs90(US$13.02) a quintal. A similar situation was seen with sorghum, it rose from Bs38 (US$5.5) to Bs52 (US$7.52). “This scenario could worsen in the next weeks because the grains are not coming from the field.”

In addition, he noted that, currently, a kilo of chicken is being delivered to traders for Bs13 (US$1.88) and to the final consumer at Bs13.50 (US$1.95). “The grain producers are seriously affected by the occupation of the land and this has led to indiscriminate increase in prices, which affect poultry farms, as the grains are the main raw material,” stresses Alandia.

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