Bolivian chicken meat production on the increase

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Bolivian chicken meat production on the increase
Bolivian chicken meat production on the increase

The production of poultry meat in Bolivia increased 7.5% last year compared to 2012, according to data released by the Vice-Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development: Victor Hugo Vasquez Mamani.

These preliminary figures, which were detailed in the annual report of the authority, stated that in 2012, production of chicken meat reached 373,898 metric tons (MT), and last year it was 401,997 MT. This figure indicates an increase of 7.5% (28,099 MT). The Vice – Minister added that the poultry meat consumption was 310,000 MT.

“There is a surplus, but this is a floating surplus because this depends on the number of chickens that are raised each month during the annual management,” said authority.

The president of the Poultry Association (ADA) in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Willy Soria, said that every week they shipped 1.6 million chickens to La Paz from Cochabamba department. “The inhabitants of La Paz and El Alto are the largest consumers of chicken meat in the country, followed by Santa Cruz and Cochabamba,” he explained.

On the consumption side, he noted that the chicken meat is the most consumed in Bolivia. This is due to its high nutritional value and low price. A local newspaper “La Razón” reported that the kilo chicken in five markets of La Paz and El Alto was between B 15 and B 16. A recent survey revealed that the per capita consumption of chicken meat in the country reaches about 30 kilos, while beef is 20 kilos.

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