Case Study: Imports stagnate Czech poultry growth

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case study: czech republic's poultry sector
case study: czech republic's poultry sector

Poultry consumption and production in the Czech Republic has stagnated, after being limited by significant imports from larger producers, mainly from neighbouring Poland.

Poultry meat production in 2014 increased only very slightly, by 0.8%, to 149,410 MT of carcass weight, the Czech Statistical Office reported. Following on from this trend, in the third quarter of 2015 poultry production increased by 0.6% year-on-year, according to figures in a recent USDA report.

Poultry consumption declining

This stagnating production trend goes hand in hand with a stagnating/decline in poultry consumption in the Czech Republic. Increasing prices of meat and the steady shift to healthier lifestyles are the main factors driving the overall decline in meat consumption as a whole.

Poultry consumption peaked in 2005, when it doubled compared to 1995. Since 2005 the per capita poultry consumption levelled off, fluctuating around 25 kg per capita, reaching 24.3 kg per capita in 2013, as published by the Czech Statistical Office. Broiler meat however is gaining increased popularity among consumers because of its relatively favourable price when compared to other meats, its healthier profile, and the fact that it is easy and fast to prepare.

Poultry import/export markets

Imports of broiler meat, originating mainly from Poland, Brazil and Germany, reached 87,553 MT in 2014. Exports in the same year were 35,520 MT and went mainly to Slovakia and the Netherlands. In 2015, January to September, Czech broiler meat imports reached 73,294 MT and exports 24,842 MT, with destinations remaining unchanged.

Turkey meat imports also originate from the same suppliers as broiler meat mentioned above. In 2014 they reached 14,330 MT, and in the first three quarters of 2015 they amounted to10,697 MT. Turkey meat exports went mainly to Austria and were 1,992 MT in the first three quarters of 2015. In 2014 turkey meat exports reached 2,916 MT with Austria again being a main destination.

Salmonella control

In 2007, the Czech Republic implemented the EU extended control programme for zoonosis where targets were set for the reduction of Salmonella in poultry flocks. Since this time the percentage of inflicted flocks decreased more than 10 times to the current 1.4%.

Subsidies paid within this programme reached 186.7 million CZK in 2013 (approximately US$7.333 million), according to the Poultry Situation and Outlook Report published by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Source: USDA

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