Chile aims to modernise poultry slaughter inspection

28-11-2014 | | |
Chile aims to modernise poultry slaughter inspection

Chile is examining a new poultry inspection system, particularly to be in line with one its main export markets, the US.

With the purpose of publicising the new inspection system in poultry slaughterhouses that is operating voluntarily in the United States, Chile’s Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) with the support of Poultry Producers Association (APA) invited Dr Daniel Lafontaine, Vice-President HACCP Consulting Group to discuss this issue.

Dr Lafontaine has extensive experience in the health inspection of poultry slaughtering plants in USA, a leading poultry exporting country and the main destination of exports of poultry meat from Chile.

In the working session with representatives of SAG and Chilean poultry industry, Lafontaine explained that this new inspection system is voluntary and seeks to make the inspection process more efficient. To do this, inspection activities related to quality are transferred to industry, leaving the role of product safety checks in the official inspector. Thus work focuses official inspectors and generates resource savings for the government.

After the meeting held in Santiago with the National Director of SAG, Angel Sartori, President of APA, Juan Miguel Ovalle, and Agricultural Attaché of Chile in the United States, Eduardo Santos, APA President said this new system deepens the joint efforts of public and private sector, since the inspection in slaughterhouses is exclusive of authority. Meanwhile, the Director of SAG called the attendees to continue working in this way for the development of the poultry sector and Chile.

It should be noted that during his visit to Chile, Dr Lafontaine visited all poultry slaughterhouses that export to the United States to identify opportunities for improvement on the import requirements of this country, highlighting the good level of plant operations and the excellent reception of its recommendations by both the authority and industry.

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