Chile promoting poultry in the US

19-06-2008 | | |

A trade commission of Chile – ProChile – has recently embarked on a campaign to introduce the country’ gourmet products, including red meat and poultry, to US food trade through a series of tasting opportunities, educational seminars, restaurant promotions and cooking demonstrations.

Events held by the organisation include a Flavors of Chile dinner featuring Chilean chef Pilar Rodriguez, as well as a presence at the Summer Fancy Food Show at the end of June in New York. Additionally, the launch of the Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week programme will also take place later this month, which will be the first on-premise promotion dedicated to Chilean foods in New York.
It is reported that Chile is among the fastest-growing food-exporters, currently ranked 17th on the list of leading food exporting countries. Chile supplies more than 150 countries with fresh and processed foods.
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