Cobb awards Russian companies for world-class performance

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Cobb awards Russian companies for world-class performance
Cobb awards Russian companies for world-class performance

The rapid expansion of the Cobb breed in Russia was reflected in support for the company’s latest technical seminar in Sochi, attended by more than 120 people representing over 40% of the country’s poultry industry.

In the city where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held Patrick van Trijp, who is responsible for the Russian market, commented:  “The Olympic ethos suggests that participation is more important than winning, but here we showed that companies can become winners with the support of our Russian team.

He presented Cobb awards to Belaya ptitsa and Reftinskaya for attaining more than 142 hatching eggs / breeder and a European Performance Efficiency Factor of 410 for their broilers.

He added: ‘Nowadays managing breeders and broilers is like a top sport. Aspects such as creating the right conditions to perform in the hatchery, and in the breeder and broiler house, is rather like here in Sochi where you need to have the right equipment and conditions to achieve top performance.”

The seminar covered the latest developments in hatchery management, ventilation, lighting and water quality – aspects valued by participants from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia in achieving world-beating profitability through the production chain.

Delegates at the Cobb technical seminar held in Sochi

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