Cobb celebrates 50 year relationship with Irvine

15-11-2012 | | |
Right: Jerry Moy, Left: David Irvine
Right: Jerry Moy, Left: David Irvine

The US based broiler breeder company Cobb celebrated at EuroTier in Hanover Germany the 50th anniversary of the business relation with Irvine poultry company in Zimbabwe.

Cobb president Jerry Moy showed his appreciation by handing over a plaquet to David Irvine. Irvine is a big name in the poultry industry in the southern part of Africa. It dominates the Zimbabwan broiler market as well as the broiler breeder markets in Mozambique and Bitswana. The company provides jobs to over 800 families, runs two schools to educate the children of these families and provides medical care through two clinics.

Van Der Sluis
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